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Author: Javier Sanchez Lamelas

Awarded a 5-star review by Readers' Favorite, Martketing exposes the marketing secrets and lessons learnt from one of the world’s most exciting global brands — Coca Cola — and how you can apply them to your own brand. It explores the core beliefs and principles that were needed to evolve one of the most powerful marketing machines on the planet that worked successfully across cultures and fast-changing environments.

The author lead a team of outstanding individuals and agencies that generated better, faster and more effective marketing on an unprecedented level. Through a combination of research, theory and real-life experience, Lamelas explains why and how marketing works, and offers a proven framework to help you master your own marketing strategy.








Secrets, lessons and insights from the frontline of world-class branding and marketing.

  • Written by a leading practitioner who was part of the team responsible for the success of the world’s leading consumer brand.
  • A practical, experience-based manual to shorten your marketing learning curve.
  • The author shares the secret formula of communication, learnt from a career in some of the world’s most famous brands.
  • The author is highly respected in the business world and an excellent self-promoter both on and offline.

About the Author

Javier Sanchez Lamelas

Javier is the CEO of Top Line Marketing Consulting. He previously was Global Marketing Vice President for Coca-Cola and later on Group Marketing Vice President for Latin America and Europe. He also worked for global marketing giant P&G. He is now the CEO of Topline Marketing Consulting.


Kevin Roberts – CEO Saatchi & Saatchi advertising

"Marketing as we know it is dead. The role of CMO is no longer to build a brand. It is to create a movement. The CMO is morphing into to Chief Metrics Officer... Not good enough. It should be Chief Magic Officer. Javier shows us how to make this journey."

Nikos Koumettis - President, The Cola-Cola Company, Central & East Europe

"Javier has the extraordinary skill to be extremely analytical and creative at the same time; very unique in the world of business and marketing. This, together with his vast experience in two of the biggest multinational companies, has resulted in one of the most progressive views on understanding the essense of marketing."

Sir Martin Sorrell – WPP founder & CEO

"Javier's real-world experiences at some of the world's most renowned marketers give him the authority to write not just a book about marketing, but a candid guide that tells you how to do it effectively. His war stories are as insightful as they are entertaining"

Miles Young - Ogilvy & Mather CEO

"There is no better manifesto than this for the view that marketing at its best comprehends how to reward customers as human beings emotionally – and not to treat them as passive objects to be hammered at. What makes “Marketing Beliefs” special, though, is that it is written by someone who has actually done it –and done it with passion and élan."

Martin Mercado - Creative director, McCann Erikson

"There is quite a simple way to classify people: those who make you a better person and those who don't. Javier is one of those rare individuals who raises all of us in the business of creativity to our very best. And the real value of his book is that everything he has written has been put to practice."

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